Photonics Research Centre University of Malaya


About MUOS

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MUOS is a spin-off company of Photonics Research Centre, University of Malaya (PRCUM), which takes care of the product commercialisation and marketing businesses of PRCUM. PRCUM was established at University of Malaya, Faculty of Sciences in 1979 and focuses on the research works in laser fundamentals, optical devices, planar waveguide circuits and fiber sensor applications. Since 1995, the research group has published over 300 ISI journal publications and conference proceedings and has acquired 10 patents for fiber optics devices. It was awarded the status of Potential Higher Institutions Centre of Excellence (HICoE) by Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) in 2012.

MUOS consists of five operation arms, as shown in Figure :

five operation arms


Leveraging from MUOS business partner, Wooriro Optical Telecom Co. Ltd, one of the biggest optical device manufacturers in South Korea, the management team strives to thrive MUOS to become the most prominent photonics solutions provider in SEA in the next 5 years. By 2017, MUOS will be able to fabricate and supply customised passive optical device, Fiber Bragg Grating sensors, instrumentation systems and solutions, to cater for the demands driven by the prevalent of Fiber-to-the-Home/Business and engineering infrastructures in SEA region. 

MUOS focuses on operating its business in Malaysia markets, in both the private and public sectors, for the first three years. The potential customers of MUOS are the Fiber-To-The-Home/Business (FTTH/B) providers and operators, e.g. TM Berhad, TIME dotCom and MAXIS, infrastructure and property developers, e.g. Gamuda Berhad and JKR and local and international universities. 

Once the business in Malaysia has reached the sustainable stage, MUOS will penetrate into SEA market via international collaboration with local service providers and developers.