Photonics Research Centre University of Malaya



to achieve the financial sustainability via generating revenue from product commercialisation to support the PRCUM research expenses. For the past 20 years, PRCUM has been relied mainly on the public funding to uphold the all research activities by the UM academic staffs and post-graduate students in part-time basis. PRCUM intended to set up a spin-off company to commercialise all the prototypes and patents which have been developed in the past years into the local and foreign markets, i.e. Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. The revenue generated from selling the optical network devices, sensors and other relevant services to the Telcos and other players in instrumentations and training industries is used to fund a partial of the research works in PRCUM. Ultimately, the spin-off company will stimulate the collaborations between universities and multi-national tele-communication providers, and strengthen Malaysia’s position in the photonics field.